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i love anime and i am not alone.

but truth is i haven’t watched an anime in like months. this might be due the fact that there is no decent way of “getting” animes, if you are a lazy person. i think the anime plugin has stopped development (because of no development to XDM itself) but after i get XDM around this shall be my first plugin to work on.

i mean i am going to work on the “Anime MediaTypeManager” and some “Anime Provider” (the fanzub Indexer should still be working). After that i shall make more anime specific filters.

image made by fishbulb13

ps i know NzbDrone has support for anime by now.

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Slow development

Sorry that the development has been slowed down in the past two weeks. Its because i am in a new full time job… Horray… But XDM is still at the top top of my list!

No more images

With version 0.4.16 the image name creation is fixed / changed and now the movie images have a different name. You will need to refresh each movie to get the image back.

No mass update at this point sorry.