What kind of Plugins are there so far?

  • DownloadType: A simple description of a download type.
  • Downloader: These plugins provider the connection to the downloader programs
  • Indexer: These plugins provide connection to the sites that have information on releases
  • Notifier: These plugins provide means to send notification to third party services or other program’s on certain events
  • Provider: These plugins connect to databases and create elements based on the media type they work for.
  • PostProcessor: These plugins move rename or do whatever they like with a given path and element.
  • System: Well there is only one of this kind and maybe there will never be more. The system config is a plugin of this type
  • Filter: These plugins can filter found downloads as they wish.
  • MediaAdder: These plugins can add elements. From various sources e.g. Trakt
  • MediaTypeManager: These plugins are the core of XDM. These plugins define the structure of a media type and provide functions to save and store them. The look is also defined here.