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i got some free time

i don’t know if anyone is still using thisĀ and because i haven’t coded for it in a long time i am just going to merge the dev branch to master in the next days it might all break and what not but i need some point to start from :/

if you thought this project is dead and deserted it, thats okay. personally i still use it exclusively and it does its job pretty good … but of course there are issues that i noticed myself and thats what i’ll be working on. like the different scheduler task die and it just stops searching of checking downloads.


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Path vs site < 0.5.15.xx

in versions 0.5.15 and above the module / library handling has changed this might break some plugins !

if you are missing some plugins reinstall them new version should work

what changed is that all external libraries are now added to the python path with the site module

so most plugins doing something like this

from lib import requests
should now do this
import requests

No more images

With version 0.4.16 the image name creation is fixed / changed and now the movie images have a different name. You will need to refresh each movie to get the image back.

No mass update at this point sorry.